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LEICA TCRA1103 3" Total Station

You are bidding on used Leica TCRA1103 total station with 3” angle accuracy and dual compensator on V&H axis to compensate tilt error in any directions. Data transfer to a personal computer or any data collectors is possible with the RS-232C interface, and also memory on board can store up 8000 points, which will save you the purchase of data collectors. Unit has a detachable tribrach for convenience of moving it to different set up locations. If you are interested in a specific brand or model please let us know since with over 500 total stations in stock there is a good chance we have it in stock so we can list it on eBay for you. Please note actual accessory items, which come with unit, is what it says in auction list not what appear in pictures.

Item Specification:

Magnification: 30X

Image: Erect

Minimum focusing distance: 1.5m/4.5’

Angle accuracy: 5”/1.5 mgon

Angle minimum display reading: 1”/5”

Angle reading system: Dual-side reading

Angle units: Switchable between meter or feet, angle degrees or gon

Distance measurement: 1 Prism: 5,250’, 3Prism: 6,560’, Compact prism CP01: 1,970’, Mini pole prism: OR1PA 980’

Distance measurement to target sheet RS90N-K: 200’

Distance measurement to target sheet RS50N-K: 160’

Distance measurement to target sheet RS10N-K: 70’

Distance measurement precision: ±(3mm+2pmm) rapid measurement, prism mode

Distance measuring time: 1.4s+every 0.3s tracking mode

Distance measuring time: 2.3s+every 0.8s coarse mode

Distance measuring time: 2.4s+every 1.6s fine mode

Distance minimum display: 1mm/0.003ft

Display: Single

Data input/output: RS-232C compatible, asynchronous serial

Internal memory: Surveying data + coordinates data total 10,000 points

Compensator: Liquid dual axis

Compensating range/Accuracy: ±3’/0.3”

Optical plummet: Erect 3X

Weight: 20 lbs including tribrach and battery



Leica TCRA1103 Total station

Leica Tribrach

Leica Battery

Battery Charger

Original carrying case

Owner’s Manual

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