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The world’s most advanced field controller is also the world’s toughest.


Topcon’s FC-2500 is fully loaded to unleash your productivity. Its rock-solid design takes drops, dirt, even drowning, without fear of data loss.

FC-2500 Features:

  • 624MHz XScale processor
  • 5.17 megapixel camera and bar code reader
  • 256Mb RAM, 2Gb ROM  (4X the competition)
  • Built-in wireless Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Windows CE.NET 5.0 operating system
  • Add-on robotic radio design
  • 55 key alphanumeric keyboard
  • 8 way directional arrow and enter key
  • Easy access USB flash drive
  • Accessible, rechargeable and hot swappable batteries

You’ll work faster, with more confidence and convenience, collecting a wealth of data not possible with any other controller.


FC-2500 Add-on robotic radio design

The FC-2500 has an add-on connection on the back of the unit to control a spread spectrum radio for robotics communication. Use this connector and an RS-1 to have a cablefree radio connection to the Topcon robotic instruments. Additional packs may be possible in the future. 


Alphanumeric Keyboard

Finally a 55 key alphanumeric keyboard unit that can control the Robotic systems. We know that land surveyors in the US market prefer an alphanumeric keyboard data collector. This FC-2500 can handle the robotic radio as an expansion slot radio.


USB Flash Drive

Use the USB mini port as both a Host and Client. This On-The-Go (OTG) functionality allows for expanded memory and easy file transfer through USB flash drives or ActiveSync connection. This design also provides rugged protection. The FC-2500 can not be compromised by opening a card door or flap. The entire unit is sealed and submersible.


Removable, hot swappable battery packs

With two NiMH batteries loaded standard with 2500mAh each, battery performance can be as high as 50 hours. But with all the functionality of this device turned on and on full power drain, you can still count on 12-14 hours. The typical power drain from a Bluetooth connection to a GPS receiver will run for 24 hours. Don’t ever worry about overcharging, the FC-2500 has internal temperature monitors to prevent any unexpected high temperature issues.


Waterproof and rugged

The FC-2500 is rated at IP-67, which means it can be accidentally submersed in water. The unit also has a 3 foot drop proof rating.


5.17 MP Camera

Capture Reality in yet an additional device from Topcon. Topcon understands that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. This highly advanced camera can be used to associate photos with stored TopSurv points as Photo Notes. For every topo shot, as photo note can be stored.




General Specifications


Xscale PXA 270

Processor Speed

624 MHz

Operating System

CE.NET 5.0


2GB System Flash Display

Display Resolution

320 x 240 QVGA


3.5 In. TFT Color LCD


LED Back Light

Touch Panel

Analog Resistive Film


55 Keys (Power Key Included)


6 LED Indicators


RS-232C (D-Sub 9pin)
Mini USB 2.0 A/B (Type Mini-B)
USB OTG Host and Client


Radio Adapter Optional

Bluetooth wireless technology

Bluetooth 1.2 Class II

External Power

12 - 18 VDC (36 Watt)


Integrated Speaker and Microphone


802.11 b/g

Water/Dust Resistance


Operating Temperature

-4°F to +122°F (-20°C to +50°C)

Storage Temperature

-4°F to +158°F (-20°C to +60°C)

Operating Time

Approx. 42 hours (Typical)

Charging Time

Approx. 3 hours


10.85 in. x 5.34 in. x 2.19 in.

Screen Dimensions

2.84 in. x 2.11 in.


2.36 lbs. (with dual batteries)

RoHS Compliant


Available Radio Packs


RS-1 (2.4Ghz Futaba SpSp radio)

Camera Specifications: Rugged True-Camera-System

5.17 megapixel color CMOS Sensor

4 megapixel processed

Image Capture Resolutions

QSXGA: 2048 x 1944, SXGA: 1280 x 960
VGA: 640 x 480, HF: 320 x 200


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