Sokkia B40-25 24X Automatic Level

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Overview for the Sokkia B40-25 24X Automatic Level

The Sokkia B40-25 24X Automatic Level is a highly accurate surveying and construction tool for taking a horizontal plane, height, as well as distance measurements. This optical instrument features a 24x magnification. To reduce eyestrain, it has an approximate 1/16-inch accuracy, 0.5 arc-second accuracy and a built-in compensator that provides exceptionally bright and sharp views.

The B40-25 comes with an ultra-short focus distance of 7.9 inches from the end of the telescope, making it easy to use in confined locations. This survey instrument has a 1.26 inches objective aperture, a quick collimation and a pendulum compensator with a magnetic dampening system. The 360-degree horizontal angle measurement can be taken directly below the eyepiece.

SOKKIA B40 Brochure

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